Stainless Steel Self Adjusting Pallet Positioners

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Pallet Positioners are true ergonomic tools. They are designed to automatically raise and lower during the loading or unloading process. By maintaining the load at a comfortable and consistent working height, the operator does not have to reach or strain. This minimizes situations that may lead to back injuries and increases efficiency of loading or unloading pallets.

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Product Description

  • Solid formed platform and base frame eliminating cracks and crevices
  • Bolt together designs eliminating pinholes in welds and potential holes where bacteria can hide
  • Delrin rollers and delrin bushings and bearings eliminating rust from teflon bushings and steel bearings leaking into your process
  • Optional sanitation package that keeps your lift off the floor, making it simpler to clean your facility
  • Air eliminates springs that will rust and crack and eventually fail
  • Self adjusting and operator adjusted designs for the best ergonomic options
  • Explosion proof and custom designs to satisfy any lifting application