Stainless Steel Spring Loaded Pallet Positioner/Pallet Loader

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The Stainless steel spring loaded EASY pallet positioner now handles loads from a minimum self leveling weight of 250 lbs. up to a maximum self-leveling weight of 4500 lbs. To make it even better, the Superlift EASY Loaders are designed to eliminate worker bending by automatically raising and lowering pallets during loading or unloading without the use of motors or hydraulics.

EASY Loaders also allow easy pallet rotation for near-side loading so the worker does not have to reach or strain. As the load weight changes, the EASY loader
automatically adjusts keeping the top of the load at a convenient working height.

These EASY loaders are used by companies world and Superlift will ship this product world wide.

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  • The best way to save workers backs. It automatically keeps pallet or stillage loads at an optimum working height when loading or unloading goods.It dramatically reduces the effort required to palletise goods.
  • Built-in turntable allows simple load rotation and access to all sides.