Weinbox – Flexible Wine Rack and Transport Container


Flexible Wine Rack

The Weinbox serves as both an attractive wine rack and durable transport container. Its robust design offers maximum protection, its generous interior dimensions offer ample space to store twelve 0.75 l standard bottles of wine in a horizontal, thus expert, position. Not only is it possible to stack several boxes in an attractive and functional way, but thanks to the label clips which are located on the large opening flap, tidiness and transparency are ensured. When empty, the walls can be folded back flatly, thus enabling a convenient way to store and transport the empty wine box.
• Clear and orderly arrangement for your wine cellar
• Product protection during transport and storage
• Holds twelve standard 750 ml bottles
• Properly stores wine bottles in a horizontal position
• Easy to set up and take down (collapsed only 20% of
the volume)
• Bottles can be removed from both the front and back
sides when the crates are stacked
• Flexible stackable storage
• Robust and resistant to moisture
• UV-resistant and safe to wash
• Label holder on the doors